Friday, February 26, 2010

Chicago Blues: A Living History Got Shafted

CHICAGO LIVING LEGENDS Lurrie Bell, Billy Branch, John Primer and Billy Boy Arnold
(Chicago, Illinois.)  I had to think long and hard before voicing my opinion of this year's Grammy Awards. The Blues world has taken a step backwards at this year’s Grammy Awards. Jack Elliot, a folkie got the nod over Chicago Blues: A Living History CD. Come on guys! You have got to be kidding! 

Billy Boy Arnold, Billy Branch, John Primer and Lurrie Bell, the Chicago Four as I like to call them, are the real deal folks. I know one of the four on a personal level and believe me when I tell you this, he is as true to the craft as one can be.  As are the others.  They do not and I repeat do not come from a folk background. These four outstanding Blues men have earned the right to be called just that, “Blues Men”. I mean no offense to Jack Elliot’s talent. He is a great "Folk Singer" along the lines of Woody Guthrie or Bob Dylan.  There is something drastically wrong with the system when a folk singer wins over seasoned Blues artists. I wonder who had the better publicist?
Truly a Cowboy.

Mr. Elliot’s own Press kit states (  the following;  “One of the last true links to the great folk traditions of this country, with over 40 albums under his belt, Ramblin' Jack Elliott is considered one of the country's legendary foundations of folk music.”  Jack Elliot is truly a  a folk icon not a Blues Artist. I just hope and pray that Lurrie Bell, Billy Branch, John Primer and Billy Boy Arnold do not record a folk album,,,,,,EVER.

Terry "Gatorman" Lape Copyright reserved 2010

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