Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blues Dude Down The Street

Morning Coffee Spot (notice cup)
Just about a year ago I was on my morning trek for coffee and just happened to see the local newspaper at the coffee shop. Let me rephrase that, coffee shop-gas station-pizza joint-convenience store. I live in a small rural area and the gas station is were most early birds meet. Guys like Glen the farmer, lawn cutter and snow plower and Keith the handyman, wood hunter and emcee and Bob the concrete guy. If you stop there before seven AM it's a whole different crowd. It's the gentleman farmer on his way to the job in the big city time. There's Tom the nuclear reactor teacher and Glen the nuclear reactor operator. There are six reactors in Illinois and three are within 150 miles of  my residence. I really do not worry about them. I am more concerned about the nerve gas storage facility in Newport, Indiana 155 miles away. That's another story.
JW with sponsors Hayes Amps and Nikita Guitar
Inside the paper on page 4 of 21 was an article about Jimmy Warren a blues rocker. It turns out that Jimmy lives about two miles down the road from my house and I had never heard of him. This of course peaked my curiosity. The article had a phone number. I called.  I talked at length to JW and discovered him to be a warm, gracious and very spiritual  individual.  JW is an out of work Worship Pastor (another way of saying musical director) from one of those large mega churches.After the layoff JW made a decision to support himself and his family through his love of the guitar. He has been doing just that for almost a year and has done an excellent job, having assembled a massive fan base of over 30,000. In this past year I have become great friends with MR. Warren.  JW and I have some of the same goals in the music industry although I have to give JW his Kudos. He is way ahead of me in the marketing aspect and guitar playing area. Jimmy has recently started a new record label called Electro Glide Records .  His concept is to offer unsigned, often times ignored talent an opportunity. Since starting the label January 1 of 2010 he has already signed three artists. Jimmy has a brand new CD coming out called "NO MORE PROMISES". The release party and big showcase is March 20 on the South side of Chicago. At this showcase will be some of the EGR signed artists. There will be a raffle for a autographed signed Fender Stratocaster and included with the $20 winning raffle ticket will be a performance by Jimmy and the band. Subject to his schedule and the venue has to be within 100 miles of Beecher, Illinois. All proceeds from this raffle will be donated to a local food bank. Consult  for more information.  
PS. Yours truly has been asked to EMCEE the proceedings. Yikes, in the spotlight and no guitar. Mr. Jimmy Warren may have unleashed a monster.  Have no fear security will be on hand. GATORMAN PPS Nighthawk you had better get up here.