Thursday, November 11, 2010

DANNY BARON "Rocking Blues Man'

Danny Baron hails from the south-side of Chicago and now resides in a far north-west Chicago suburb.  He is self taught guitarist, songwriter and vocalist that has toured and or worked with some top name national and regional talent. Top name talent you ask? How about Brian Wilson, yes that Brian of the "Beach Boys". He did one tour with Mr. Wilson. He also played and recorded with Chicago radio hosts Steve Dahl, Donny Bonaduce and Kevin Matthews.

In my capacity as a pseudo journalist and a die hard to my grave blues fan, I see and hear a lot of blues rockers. I can honestly say Danny is one of the best. He has it all, song writing, vocals, stage presence and oh, by the way this guy can play a guitar. I mean really play a guitar. He can go toe to toe with Joe B., Eric C, Jimi and dare I say it,,,,,,the "Guitar God Stevie Ray" Amen brother and hallelujah be his name. (No disrespect)  

I first heard/saw Danny perform at an Electro Glide Records showcase. Within that first millisecond of sound, he exploded. I was riveted to his pure emotional filled performance. Some of the pickers get it and some don't; If you can't feel the music why do it? 
Danny feels it, uses it, chews it up and spits it out. His song "Jealously"on his self produced CD "Danny and The Devils" is exactly what I am referring to. It's like he is in a trance and all those great guitarists before him are manipulating his fingers. Almost ZEN Like.

There are far too many talented musicians whom never get the recognition they deserve.  I refuse to let this talented man be one. There is nothing to stop him on his journey to the top. He has it, no doubt in my head. 
One special note;  Danny is a real straight shooter and all around great person. In other words he's not a jerk. 
Danny's CD

November 16, 2010 at 11:30 am to 2:00pm. Danny will be playing live in WEFT studios. "Daves Blues Show" That night he will be playing in Pekin , Illinois at "Goodfella's" for The River Blues Society.  Facebook him @ Danny Baron

Blues Me Or Lose Me,
Terry Lape Aka "Gatorman"