Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thoughts during Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is a day that we set aside to remember those that gave all, so we could have all.

My family has a rich  history of service to this great country. The majority served in the US navy.

My eldest brother served in the Navy during the Vietnam Conflict. He was stationed in Da Nang, Vietnam and is a retired storekeeper Chief Petty Officer. My other brother jumped ranks and served in the Army.  The Chief's son served in the navy as a Third Class Petty Officer, Gunners Mate Missiles on the USS Sterret CG-31.  

My father was a Third Class Petty Officer, Electricians Mate, served in the navy during WWII.
He mustered out in 1946 while serving on the USS Peregrine AM-373 a Minesweeper.

My Dad's brother served on the USS Vulcan AR-5 right before  the Cuban Missile crisis as a boatswain mate.

My dad's first cousin was a bomber pilot during World War II and was shot down over eastern Europe. I have a marine second cousin who was wounded in the first Iraq war. I have another cousin that recently completed two tours in Iraq.    

I served on board the USS Chicago CG-11 (Fire Control Technician Guns) during the Vietnam Conflict. I never made it to Vietnam as my older brother did.

My great grandfather served with General Pershing and rumor has it he rode during the Pancho Villa Expedition.

Patrick, my new son-in-law has enlisted in the Army and will start his boot camp June 2. He continues the tradition that my family has.

I am proud to honor all of those who gave their all for us.

I will have a personal, silent moment at 3:00 PM Monday to remember them all. I hope you will join me.