Thursday, March 18, 2010

(Chicago, Illinois) This Coming Saturday March 20th there is a huge show coming to my area. Electro Glide Records will be launching it's new label with a CD Release of "No More Promises" the latest from Jimmy Warren and his band. I have a copy playing in my computer as I write this and belief me when I say "This is one hot CD".  
Jimmy Warren Band

Jimmy writes all the material. The first cut is called "Watermelon Money". Jimmy says it was a phrase that his daughter used and he wrote a song about it. Another very interesting cut is called "Darker Side of Grey". It is an instrumental that reminds me of some of the great guitar pickers. I hear Hendrix, Trower, Santana and SRV all rolled into one. Bob Margolin contributes a lead line on "It Ain't Fair".  Jimmy Warren is an artist that will go a long way in this biz. An ex Capital Records executive has come out of retirement to manage him. This executive has said that he has more potential than some top name entertainers and the band can not be touched instrumentally. Mr. Executive has helped with Jimmy's digital distribution. That distribution is set for April 6th when "No More Promises" goes world wide. It can be ordered at Electro Glide Records Website.  Mr. Executive is setting up a meet with the PBS People later in the week.
Al Stone is a phenomenal musician that is based out of Jacksonville, Florida.  I have heard excerpts from his soon to be released Cd called "I Want It all".  If Al keeps cranking out CD's like this then he will get it all.  His CD is scheduled to be released May 18 and Al will be at the showcase.  I am really looking forward to seeing and hearing him with Jimmy Warren March 20th.

Chris Beard @ Kingston Mines
A recent  entry to the "Stable' is none other than the legendary blues man Chris Beard. Chris just recently played at the legendary Kingston Mines and I attended. Killer, killer, killer. Chris exploded on stage. He is a true blues man. I have written before about the question, "Where does a musician get the emotion from?" I do not know in Chris's case, but it is the blues and it is as deep as the ocean and as wide as the blue sky.  Chris thank you for your contribution. Unfortunately Chris will not be at the March 20th show. He currently is bluesing it up overseas in the most unlikely of spots. Beirut, Lebanon. He has a one month engagement there. His CD release is scheduled for  May 25.

  "Catch Blues Band" is out of West Virginia and these boys have it going on. Mike Roeder lead guitarist and vocalist is responsible for  most of the original material. I have not heard these guys except for some videos on youtube. What I have heard is outstanding work and they will be opening up the showcase.

There will be a lot going on at this party. Jimmy Warren will be shooting a video for the European TV market. He plans on turning it into a DVD for U. S. distribution.  There will be a raffle for a signed Fender Guitar. All the musicians that play will sign it and if you bring a Sharpie and you win you'll be able to get some more. The $20 ticket price for this raffle will also include a free performance, subject to tour schedule of the "Jimmy Warren Band."  All proceeds from the raffle will go to the Peotone, Illinois food bank. Some of the greatest blues men in the city have been invited and should be in the audience. I will not reveal their names because an invite is an invite. You do not have to come, but if you don't you are going to miss one of the biggest shows to hit the city in a long time.

 Watch the Electro Glide Records  website for upcoming releases. There is a couple of Blues compilation CD's coming out and I have it on good authority that Austin, Texas blues rocker Zak Perry is coming on board. If you have a CD you can submit it to the label. There is directions on the website.   David Gerald will be playing March 20 and will be heard on one of the future Blues CD compilation's.   Yours truly will be Emceeing the whole event and I will be working without a net.
PS Watseka Theater on March 21
Blues Me Or Lose Me,
John the bassman says "What chord is that?"