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716 S. Cottage St. (IL Rt. 59)  Shorewood, IL 60431 Ph. 815-725-8753

EVERY-OTHER-SUNDAY (31, FEB. 14 & 28, MAR. 14 & 28, APR. 11 & 25)

Thanks to Jerry and his staff for hosting the JHBJ.

Food available: Louie’s Pizza (@ the back window in the Bullpen) It’s a good pie!


Submitted by T-Bird Huck.

(Joliet, Illinois) Bert ‘n’ Betty from out of town work for a sub-contractor at a nearby power station.  Flopping at a local motel they needed a fix for their Sunday afternoon cabin fever/monotony.  Betty jumps up, throws Bert’s coat at him and says ‘we’re outta here!  Come on its cocktails and football playoffs.’  Within 5 minutes from their digs they find themselves tooling down Cottage Street (IL Rt. 59) in Shorewood.  Hmm look, Bullpen Sports Bar, lotsa cars, yeah we’re in, let’s go, cocktails ‘n’ football!  Out of the car, walkin’ up to the door they stop and say ‘whoa sounds like this joint is jamming!’  Inside, lookin’ around, they see the crowd locked into the vapor of good tunes, goodwill and fun blanking the room.  Look at the guitar cases ‘round here would you?  What’s goin’ on?  This is too cool!!!  This place is jamming!  Did I already say that?  So this guy comes up to Bert ‘n’ Betty and says ‘welcome to the Joliet Heritage Blues Jam (JHBJ), you new ‘round here?’  ‘Yeah (explained their situation lookin’ for a game ‘n’ all) but we hit the jackpot today!’  Betty says ‘what is the JHBJ?’  Just musicians, friends and music lovers of the Blues gettin’ together.  We do this every other Sunday afternoon says the greeter (as he buys ‘em a drink, says enjoy yourselves, talk to ya in a bit’ and walks on).  Music played and people swayed as the afternoon glided like a flash into evening.  Before one could unravel what they had witnessed the last soulful note was soaking into a fond memory of the day.  Why does it seem to streak right on by when the good times are flowing so well???  I don’t know but unfortunately that always seem to be the case.  Ah, but alas!  Not to worry Blues connoisseurs, JHBJ devotees, thrill seeking fanatics, and common enjoyers of good times . . . the Sunday afternoon/evening bliss shall rejoin, rejoice and relive again as we rendezvous to our new haunt every other Sunday . . . till then friends, we can’t wait to share another JHBJ with you!  Whoa, wait up!  Who’s that, the last ones hangin’ ‘round and helping the band carry their gear out?!?!  ‘Why it’s Bert ‘n’ Betty’ the greeter says, ‘still here?’  ‘Man we had such a good time we’re finding it hard to leave’ said Bert.  So we just wanted to help the guys with some of their stuff but we’ll be Back in two weeks.  Great!  It was nice to meet yas and yes indeed we’ll be here looking forward to seeing

you again on January 31, 4pm-8pm?  We’re gonna spread the word and bring some friends so we’ll see ya then!


Now that’s the spirit!
Get out and spread the word - Let these jammers all be heard

They come to play and entertain - So let it not be in vein
It’s already two-thousand and ten - This train may not pass here again
The strings, keys, horns and skins ring out - Music from the soul is what it’s about
So let us gather once again - So someday we can say ‘remember when’

© 2010 T-Bird Huckstep                  

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