Saturday, October 3, 2009

Chicago Blues News: Nick Galik Band Via Peotone

I first met Nick Galik through a mutual friend who just happens to be the president of the Chicago Blues Society, David. He told me you gotta hear this kid. I think Nick was 15 when I first did. I thought just another kid Guitar player. How can someone so young play the blues?  Nick is not a parrot like so many other kid players but rather the opposite.

There is something inherently found in a person's life experience that an artist taps into in order to do his art. It takes some artists years and years to find the soul and the passion to express those experiences in their chosen media. That is not the case with Nick. This young man plays with a fire and an obsession seldom seen and heard. He is a blues/jazz/rock artist that can go far if he just puts the spotlight on the blues genre. 

Like Nick, I first started early (15) and the band I played in tried to cover everything from CW to Blues. What a waste of time that was, although it did teach me about working in a group. Nick keep going with that great SRV, Buddy Guy type sound. Give People a groove that they can move with and you will go far, very far. 

It is really cool to have a group that is so tight that they can stop a song, count off 13 beats and pick it back up all together. Great musicianship and it impresses the other musician, yours truly included. In order to grab and hold an audience set that groove and stay there. The audience will love you for it.   Nick please don’t get me wrong I do love to listen to your jazz fusion style of playing. Readers know my motto "Blues me or lose me", but I listen to you and know that you are truly one of the great upcoming guitarists that really shines when you play the blues.  

Nick Galik is 17 year old guitar slinger that started at the ripe old age of 13. He is Kankakee and Will counties best kept secret. This young man handles a guitar like none other in his age bracket. Johnny Lang was just about the same age as Nick when he started to play, but I think Nick has a lot more to offer than Mr. Lang can ever hope for.

I sat down with Nick at a local tavern before his scheduled start (8 PM) for the first “Beatz in the Streets” Concert that the city of Peotone has organized.  He hit the stage with his band at exactly eight. The first chord rang out and man oh man it was good. Unfortunately it rained on and off all day long and he could only get in two songs.  During the later part of the second song it literally poured, but not to worry my friends I have seen him on other occasions and I have enough info.

The first artist he remembers listening to was the “Who”, probably his dad’s record or CD. The first song he says he learned how to play was Buddy Guy’s “Mary Had a Little Lamb”.  I have heard him play that tune numerous times and I think Mr. Buddy Guy would smile at his version and Buddy, Nick would like to meet you. Just email me and I’ll set it up.

Another of Nicks' favorite guitar players is Derek Truks. Nick  made the comment that he plays limited slide and would like to learn some more slide techniques. I have heard Nick play slide and that is what I truly like about him, he is a very humble person. He is an excellent slide player. He rehearses 5-6 hours a day and it really shows.

Nick co-writes with his band mates and they have some very impressive tunes. “Breakfast in the Key of A” is a funky number that progresses into a hooky vocal part that is quite catchy. Nice job on that one guys. Nick and the band have a great cover with John Mayer’s “I Don’t Need No Doctor” It is an excellent version that I really love. “Seems to Me” has quite a Latin flair and about 2 ½ minutes in Nick takes off. That guitar work on this one song is what Nick does best and I’m confident any true blues fan will have to agree. “New Illusion” is another great song and contains some really killer guitar work and that includes all the guitars.

If any of the Chicago Blues Clubs would like to book him his number is below. Doc your staff at Kingston Mines should take a look at him. He could be a great Chicago Blues Artist if given a chance.  He is perfectly capable of blowing the doors off at the next Chicago Blues Fest. There is another Chicago blues club that comes to mind and that is the House of Blues. I really do not know why they call it House of Blues, because there is not much blues played there. It has more Indie music than anything.  

Nick can pack a house. When he plays all his relatives come out, like Aunts, Uncles, sisters, brothers and even his Grandfather. Nick’s grandfather has been to every show that Nick has performed and is very proud of what his grandson has accomplished. Mark my words Nick is destined to be a major player in the years to come.

Nick’s band mates are quite accomplished players in their own rights, but it is a two way street. They all complement each other. Gary Laster on bass is really outstanding and he and Matt White lay down a real tight groove. Mike Christakos rounds out the group with his very solid rhythm guitar work and backup vocals.  You guys stick it out and I think great things are ahead.

For info on the Nick Galik Band call (815) 592-8226