Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chicago Blues: Well Worth It!

I must confess there are times when I really dislike being a musician by trade. Building a solid career as an artist is an extremely difficult task considering the multiple obstacle's that get in your way. Finding the right musicians, agents, management, promoters etc...........requires a serious commitment and hard work.

Not to mention dealing with each of them as you are hunting down gigs and talent buyers, building an Internet presence and much more,. Finding the right people who believe in you and see a future in what you do is as hard as winning the lottery. We are not even speaking of radio and press promotions, which is another complete ballgame it's self.

I recently got back into music after 11 years away, so for me it is starting all over again. I kind of fell into it. I was jamming around with some guys (2 of them are in the band now) just goofing off, then I lost my job due to budget cuts. I knew what I was getting into. Believe me after almost 14 years of playing for a living before I know the pitfalls and work that lay ahead.

However I was and am, determined to make a new and much more rewarding career in music. About a year into it and we have management out of Nashville and a label distributing a new CD for us. This is not to mention the Cd being aired in 15 countries, a powerful Internet presences and fans around the world. However the process to make it all happen when your independent is difficult. I spend hours everyday just doing promotions. I'm constantly contacting and connecting with people and other companies to get our music heard. It seems that everything about my life today is about promoting the Jimmy Warren Band.

Sometimes, I get really tired and sick of process. I want to just stop and join a local band where I don't have to call or promote anything. Or, I could go hang in the City and be a jobber. Some days that sounds great. But what makes it all well worth it, is when I step out on the stage and perform my material to blues fans. Making a live connection with an audience makes all the headache and frustration worth it.

The truth is I love to play, but I also love the connection that takes place when people are enjoying what you do. I guess I'm writing this to other artists and musicians who understand the struggles and headaches and who, like me, have the same war raging inside. I know it's all worth it. Because I believe the fans and audiences are worth. They are really the reason I personally endure the headaches of process. It's great to make a living do what you love, but I think some people don't understand that for an independent artists the part you love is maybe 10% - 20%, the rest is the part we may dread.

Anyway, if your a musician or artists out there, I want you to know I appreciate what you do in order to share your talent and music with. But I also want to encourage you to stay focused and remember the why, behind what you do. I love to read or hear stories about other artist's escapades in developing their careers. I find it extremely fascinating. I think the story help make the who they are a artists. Without it where would we be. When the days done I gotta say, It's all well worth it.

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