Saturday, August 22, 2009

DVD Review; "Full Moon Lightnin'"

Before I start I must inform the readers that I am a BLUES FANATIC. I would not be writing this review unless this DVD is the real thing. These are real people with real problems and it is the blues. Blues can fall anywhere between happy and sad. This runs more on the sad side, but that is to be expected considering the subject matter.

One man searches for his family and another man searches for a way to put his sorrow behind. Floyd Lee is a blues man of extraordinary talents and, after 60 years, returns to his roots in the hope of finding family he never knew. Joel Poluck is a young upcoming blues artist that uses song to heal from the loss of his soul mate.

John Gardiner was the driving force behind this project. He handled the role of editor, cinematographer, producer and director. One of those tasks would tend to overwhelm any one person. Judging from this DVD "Blues" Documentary, John handled those with ease. The story is concise and to the point. The editing is top notch and the direction is very easy to follow.

"Full Moon Lightnin'' is a journey into the blues that very few people take. I enjoyed it from the first scene of Floyd Lee dropping a needle on a record to the last parting shot of Floyd Lee saying "I may be almost gone, but the blues lives on. Mark that."
The soundtrack can stand on it's own two feet and along with the DVD presents a total package that belongs in any blues fanatics catalog. The music is the down home real deal stuff ladies and gentlemen, The real stuff. I recommend you buy it now.

Terry "Gatorman" Lape

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